Digital well-being

Protect yourself from harming blue light

Our glasses block the blue light emitted from digital screens
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What our costumers say

For me the game changer was blue light blocking glasses from @bluxglasses.
I put these on in the afternoon to block out any blue light from digital devices, reducing eye strain and they have been improving my sleep quality significantly!

Sune F.

After buying a pair of Blux, I immediately noticed a difference of work ethic, energy and focus at the office. I used to get numbing headaches from working in front of the computer. However, after purchasing a pair, I can work efficiently all day. @bluxglasses really changed my perception of the damage IT does to us all.

Frederik H.

The technology is proudly mentioned in

OneTreePlanted & Blux

We've made a collaboration with american OneTreePlanted. For every sold pair of blue light blocking glasses, we plant a tree. Help OneTreePlanted and us with planting trees all around the world and get your pair of glasses today!