Day Collection

Day Collection

This is our brand new collection of blue light glasses. Made in stylish design, uncompromised quality & something for everyone.

Protect yourself with a pair of blue light glasses from Blux

As more and more people spend most of their working day in front of a screen, the need for a good pair of blue light blocking glasses has increased. Throughout a whole day with the computer, mobile phone, tablet and TV you are constantly exposed to blue light. Not only do you work at the computer at the workplace, many also spend a lot of their free time in front of the screen. Whether using your smartphone, watching TV or tablet, an overexposure of the blue light coming from all of these devices can be potentially harmful.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

Blue light glasses are glasses that should be worn in front of the screen, whether you are working, watching TV, playing online games, scrolling through Instagram or something else. Blue light glasses are typically without prescription and are not meant to help see, but rather to alleviate the discomfort you can experience by being exposed to the very energy-rich light that comes from screens. The blue light which is part of the visible light in the light spectrum helps to set the internal biological clock in the body, which among other things regulates when we feel tired and have to sleep and when we get up and are filled with energy.

Why blue light glasses should be used

The blue light can cause several symptoms, such as headaches, difficulty sleeping, a disturbed circadian rhythm and much more. That is why we have developed Blux blue light glasses with and without strength with an integrated filter that filters out a percentage of the harmful blue light. We have both glasses for day use as well as glasses for evening use, which should be worn after the sun has set. Read on to learn more about blue light, what Blux can specifically help with, as well as what noticeable differences you will experience after just a short time of use.