About Blux

Blux glasses is a Copenhagen based start-up with a passion for human health. As students and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know all about sitting in front of digital screens everyday for several hours. Especially late at night with lots of deadlines to reach all the time.
For a couple of years now, we have recognised blue light as an actual problem to our health. We have dealt with sore eyes and headaches ourselves and already 5 years ago we started wearing blue light blocking glasses to protect ourselves. Back then though, these glasses were big, clumsy and orange. No one wanted to wear these in public, but the technology worked. We experienced much better sleep and worked for hours in front of the screen without getting sore eyes. We founded Blux glasses on the basis of this.
Not only were the other blue light blocking glasses unattractive, but blue light blocking lenses is also a quite expensive technology. We wanted to deal with these issues and that’s how Blux glasses were born. We have made stylish blue light blocking glasses to wear in front of the screen and made sure it’s possible for everyone to get pair of Blux to an affordable price.